How does the messages tab work?


Messages from your recipients/guests can be found in your INBOX on and forwarded to your profile email.

Additionally all messages - SENT BY YOU - and - SENT BY YOUR RECIPIENTS/GUESTS - are displayed in the MESSAGES tab inside your event.

Each message is now displayed as a chat dialogue.

This makes it much easier for you to follow the communication with your recipients/guests.

In addition to all private messages -  all your group messages, e.g. reminders like reply or event reminders are also displayed on a special group message tab. This will help you keep track of any reminders you might send to your recipients.

The messages tab works for all customers and events, who send or receive messages.

Sending Online Post: Once the first message is sent - either by the sender or the recipient/guest - the messages tab gets activitated.

Using online registration management for paper invitations: The same here: If a recipient of your paper invitation visits the reply page (with REPLY CODE or on public event) and replies with a message - this first message will activate the message tab. If you as sender decide to send the first message - e.g. to send an event reminder to all accepted (green) guests, then you will activate the messages tab.


The messages tab has been redesigned and will only display new messages sent as of Tuesday, December 13th 2017. All messages prior to this date are displayed in the former existing INBOX.

Please note that replying to messages in the INBOX display EventKingdom as sender name. If you are an Enterprise customer and this is not in your interest, please only use the new messages tab to reply to messages. The sender name of a message here matches the sender name of the recipient list of this event.


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