How to manage the Access Rights of Co-Organizers

Access Rights of Co-Organizers

When organizing an event in a Team you can provide Access Rights to different Organizers depending on the responsibility each have.

Co-Organizer Invitation

First please invite your co-organizers.

You find this option in each event under the tabs DESIGN / REPLY PAGE


Please click on INVITE CO-ORGANIZER and choose an existing contact from your Address book or enter a new contact.

After sending the co-organizer invitation, the name of the invited co-organizer will appear in the Drop down.


In our exampe, Alex Meier was invited as co-organizer and has yet to except the invitation. They is why the Event Creator, who invited Alex Meier still sees "waiting for confirmation".

In the meantime, the event creator can also select the Access Rights.

Manage Access Rights of Co-Organizers

With the Professional and Enterprise Plans you you manage the Access Rights for each Co-Organizer.

To manage a co-organizers Access Rights, please click on the name in the Co-Organizer Drop down, in our example on "Alex Meier".



A window appears with all the Access Rights.

By Standard every co-organizer has all access rights to the event.

You can choose to remove access rights.

This makes sense e.g. if a Grafic designer should design the invitation, but see the Recipients List.

Another example are colleagues, who should help with managing the recipients, but should not have access to the design and setup of the invitation.

Later on, if something changes, you as Event Creator can also grant access rights back to a co-organizer.

Access Rights for the Co-Organizer

In our example, Alex Meier ist a grafic designer and his/her responsibility is to setup and design the invitation. Alex should not have access to the recipients, messages and check in.


When Alex Meier logs in and visits the event he/she can only access the tabs assigned to him/her.


Alex Meier has no access to RECIPIENTS, MESSAGES or CHECK IN.


We hope this article was helpful.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Your EK Team


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