How do I make a mobile video of my EventKingdom animated sending?

Mobile Video of my animated EventKingdom sending

Please follow the following steps to make a video of your EventKingdom sending on your iPhone.

1. Go to Settings and then to "Control Centre".

2. Add "Control Centre" to your "included controls"


3. Then go to the content you wish to record, e.g. you beau EventKingdom Sending


4. Use your finger to scroll down from the top right corner of your screen to open the Control Centre.

Click on the "Screen Recording" button with the 2 Circles.

After clicking the Screen Recording button you will see a count down 3,2,1...

After 1 the Camera will start recording.

You can then swipe up to close this page.


4. You are back on your content and see a red symbol in the top left corner, counting.

Once count down 3,2,1 is over, you see the recorded time here.

To start the animation for recording you can now click on the envelope.


5. Here you see top left that the screen is being recorded.


6. Stoy the recording by clicking the the red symbol in the top left corner.

After stopping you can use the edit option to optimize your video e.g. setting the beginning and the end.


7. When you are done click DONE and then you have your optimized video file.

8. This video can be easily shared on WhatsApp, Instagram etc.


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