Can I add my own Attachment to emails?

Yes, this is possible.

You can upload your own files, e.g. a PDF document

and attach it via a download link to the following emails:

1. Reply Confirmation email

2. Event reminder email (Message to green marked recipients)



1. Please go the tab REPLY PAGE of your event

2. In the REPLY OPTIONS section please check:

"Should your recipients receive a reply confirmation email?"

Then you will see more options. Please check also:

"Add own attachment to Reply Confirmation email"

Please see image below:


3. Then please click on "Enable download page"

4. This will add the download page to your Reply Page.

  • On the download page you can upload multiple files
  • On the download page you can choose to show an upload document to 
    • Only accepted guests 
    • All guests

5. With "Own Attachment" enable, a link will be added to your following emails:

  • Reply confirmation email
  • Event reminder email (message to green marked recipients)

6. We recommend sending a test invitation to  an email you have access to and replying yes.

  • Please check the Reply confirmation email for the link attachment.
  • Please also test sending a free reminder to yourself.


Hope this article was helpful!




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