Can I license EventKingdom Online Post and offer e-cards on my own website?

EventKingdom Product Licensing

Yes, product licensing is possible as of 2020 and is offered to Enterprise Plan customers.

Available since 2020 our product licensing gives you the chance to offer visitors to your website an option to send beautiful cards via EventKingdom's famous animated online post.



Your visitors can send cards in 3 easy steps:

1. Select a card

2. Add the recipient email and text

3. Click on send

and give their recipients and your potential customers a smile. 

After "send" is clicked, the above data is sent to your Enterprise account on EventKingdom and the animated online card is automatically sent to the recipient email.

Below examples of a MARCCAIN card arriving via EventKingdom Online Post:

Envelope in recipient inbox: (click on image to view example card)



Card appearing out of animated envelope: (click on image to view example card)




You as Enterprise account owner can access your account easily. Via the My Events list you access each card event and track sending and viewing stats.

You can optionally also add survey questions to your card or other links.


What customer does:

  1. You define which topics are of interest: Birthdays, Christmas, New Years, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Woman's Day, Thank You Cards etc.
  2. You define how many cards per topic you wish to offer on your site.
  3. You define which languages should be supported.
  4. You build a page on your website offering the above features.

We can assist with the above points of course.

What EventKingdom does:

  1. We setup each each card event in the chosen language for you.
  2. We test each card.
  3. We send you (your webshop or IT team) the URL for each card in each language.
  4. We offer Premium telephone support via the Enterprise plan.


To enable product licensing you need to please:

  1. Purchase the Annual Enterprise Plan.
  2. Sign a GDPR data security agreement.
  3. Cover design and integration costs.


Annual Enterprise plan

Please see our Pricing page to see costs and book the Annual Enterprise plan.

Integration costs

Integration costs depend on:

  1. Number of topics, e.g. Easter, Mother's Day, Christmas etc.
  2. Number of cards per topic
  3. Number of supported languages
  4. Special requests


If you are interesting in licensing our product please do not hesitate to contact us!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Best, your EK Team

We hope this article was helpful 




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