Is a Salesforce integration possible?


Yes, Salesforce can be integrated as of 2020. 


A Salesforce integration helps you use EventKingdom by importing your Salesforce campaigns and exporting your reply results after sending. 


You can easily import your Salesforce campaign member data into your recipient list at EventKingdom.


This simplifies creating your EventKingdom lists immensely.


After sending your EventKingdom sending (save the date, invitation or card) you will receive results:

1. Sent and delivered

2. Sent and viewed

3. Sent and accepted (with reply options)

4. Sent and declined (with reply options)

These four statuses can be exported into your Salesforce campaigns.

The EXPORT Button can be found top right on the tab RECIPIENTS 


After choosing SALESFORCE you will see a similar below window depending on the state of your EventKingdom RECIPIENT tab and your CAMPAIGN on SALESFORCE.

You can select your campaign, what you wish to export and where you wish to export to: 


The status of each member will be updated accordingly.

The update works via email recognition.


At EventKingdom:

A Salesforce integration is possible for Enterprise customers.

Please book the Enterprise plan so we can begin with the Salesforce integration for your account.

At Salesforce:

In order for your Salesforce account to offer access to the Salesforce API you need one of the following editions:


"Enterprise"/"Unlimited"/"Developer" and "Performance" editions



If you have any questions, please contact us.

We hope this article was helpful.

We look forward to working with you.


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