How can I set Turning card or Folded card animations?


If your event (sending) consists of 2 cards you can choose how your cards are displayed:

1. Side by Side with sliding animation

2. Front & Back with turning animation

3. Folded Card with folding animation

If your event has more than two cards then you can combine the three above animation options.


1. Please go to the tab DESIGN of your event.

2. Please click on the first of the two card icons at the top of the DESIGN editor (above the large displayed card).

3. Please find the tab DISPLAY OPTIONS in the left side admin section at the top (screen below).

4. Please choose your favorite option:  "As separate cards side by side""As front & back with turn animation" or "As folded card with open animation" and click save.

PS: You can set the time of the display of the 1st card at the top of this section. If you e.g. set the time to 3 seconds, then the turning animation happens more quickly (recommended for cards with barely any text, e.g photo or image cover cards).

5. You can preview your sending at any time by clicking top right on the button PREVIEW.


Hope this article was helpful.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Your EK Team




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