How can I add additional personal data per recipient, e.g. password to virtual event, discount or gift code?

Integration of personal data per recipient

You can add additional personal info per recipient to your card(s), your reply page, your email subject or/and email message.

How do I integrate personal data per recipient?

Please use [info1] when writing your text, e.g.

Your password for the virtual event is: [info1]


The data for [info1] will be taken from your recipient list similar to the other personalization options [name1] and [name2].

Where can I integrate [info1] into my sending?

[info1] can be added to the text on your card(s), your reply page, your email subject or the message you can add to your emails.

How to I upload the data for each recipient or add this data manually?

Option 1: Upload

You can create a column in your Excelsheet with your personal data and upload your Excelsheet.

During the upload process please mark the personal data column with the correct header.


Option 2: Manual

To manually add or edit this [info1] data, please go to the tab RECIPIENTS.

Please click on the name of a recipient

In the recipient contact window which opens - please go the the Contact tab.

Here bottom left you will find "Personalized field [info1]".



Sending with personalized data

After adding [info1] to where you wish to have it and uploading or adding the data per recipient, you are ready to send.

Please go to the tab RECIPIENTS and add your recipients and then send.


We hope this article was helpful.

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