Can I define guest contingents for specific guests to be able to register/bring?

Yes, this is possible.

Option 1: Allow "accompanying guests"

You can send invitations to your recipients and allow them to add accompaying guests when they reply.

Option 2: Use Codes to set quotas for specific partners or sponsors.

You can add as many nameless recipients needed for all your quotas for your different sponsors.

You can tag each recipient with a sponsors name, e.g. 10 recipients with "company A".

When you send your invitation to your contact at "comapny A" you can include the 10 codes and the Code-Link.

Your contact at "company A" can then forward the invitation with the Code-Link and one of the codes to each of the 10 participants, who can then register to the event.

All guest land in the same Recipient List of your event.

For Option 2 you need:

The Professional Plan

and per event the Service "Online Reply Management with Reply Codes":


Please let us know if you have any questions.

Your EK Team


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