Can I share my event on Whatsapp?


1. For personal sendings:

Best to use the "send to yourself" option

For every recipient in your recipient list, you can use the "send to yourself" option.

- If your recipient has no email, you see in the email column "send via Facebook" and "send to yourself"

- Choose "send to yourself"

- Once you receive the personal sending for this recipient in your inbox, please click on it and copy the link of the sending.

- Share the link in your personal chat with this recipient in your WhatsApp.

PS: If your recipient has an email you can find the "send to yourself" option in the grey dropdown in each recipient row on the recipients list.


2. For impersonal (open) sendings/shares:

via the public event option in the Professional Plan you can share your event as you wish, also via WhatsApp.

You can e.g. get a link for your event which leads to your animated envelope or card(s) if you chose to remove the envelope.

You can copy this link and paste it to WhatsApp contacts or a group.


1. Please go to the REPLY PAGE of your event.

2. On the left side please go to EVENT ACCESS

3. Please click on PUBLIC ACCESS

4. If you do not already have the Professional Plan, please book it.

5. Please choose GET LINK which gives you the link you can share on WhatsApp.

Please note that this open access link is impersonal, so anyone who has access to it can register to your event with name and email.


Hope this article was helpful!

Your EK Team.


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