Online registration with personalized codes for paper invitations

This feature is helpful if you want only your guests to be able to visit your online registration event and reply. Your recipients can visit the event link, e.g. and enter their personal code, view all the needed event information and reply. Please visit the example domain above and use the code  P27N4XZZ. You will see that this code is for: Ms. Daniela London. Only she can reply to this invitation.

The event link can be chosen by you as needed.

Reply codes can be used for all sorts of events, private or business, single or multiple events when using


1. You start by setting up your online invitation for free, which includes at least a card and the reply page.

2. You can test your online invitation by sending email invitations for free from the recipient list.

3. After registering for free - you open up your event for your paper invitations, please go to your REPLY PAGE and click on EVENT ACCESS in the left panel. Then click on PUBLIC ACCESS. If you are not yet a PROFESSIONAL PLAN customer, you will be asked to purchase our Professional Plan.

4. After purchasing the Professional Plan please go back to EVENT ACCESS where you will find 2 buttons: "GET EMAIL" and "GET LINK". "GET EMAIL" allows you to send yourself an "unpersonal" email invitation, which you can forward as you wish. "GET LINK" is what you need for your Paper invitation online registration. 

5. The event link in "GET LINK" is what you print on your paper invitations. Your paper recipients can then visit the event link and reply. You can of course setup any URL you need and link this URL to the event link and print this URL on your paper invitation.

6. To secure your online registration event you can now purchase the REPLY CODE SERVICE.

7. After purchasing the online reply management with REPLY CODES - every recipient added by you to your recipient list will automatically receive a REPLY CODE. You can of course setup test recipients for free and test everything.

8. Depending on what you need - every recipient can have a name and provided contact information. Each recipient, who visits your event link and enters his/her personal code, sees his/her personal invitation and contact information and can update them if necessary. Each recipient is asked to enter an email address when replying.

(Recipients with no names is also possible, but can only be added by us - so please contact us if you need this feature - e.g. if more guests might be added later - so you can print additional invitation cards with nameless codes. Recipients in this case are asked to enter email and name when they reply.)

9. After your recipient list is ready, please export your recipient list and use the excel file to print your invitation and reply cards.

10. Optional personalized QR codes: Your excel export also includes personalized links for each recipient. This enables you to generate personalized QR Codes and print them on your reply card. This allows your recipients to use their mobile e.g. to scan the QR Code and automatically land on their personalized event link.

Folded card example with extra reply card


We offer high quality paper and envelopes if you choose to order your paper invitations and reply cards at EventKingdom.

1. You can print a reply card just for the reply information, e.g. event link, code and also an email and telephone number. (It is always smart to allow your recipients to reply as they find easiest.)

2. You can print your invitation card at EventKingdom and e.g. use the back of a folded card to add all the reply information.

3. We assist in adding the reply code to your invitation or reply card.

If you are interested in design services, we have wonderfully talented designers, who can help.

In addition to assisting with the reply codes and setting up the online reply management we offer other helpful services such as:

Envelope printing

Delivery service

Guest management

We look forward to working with you!



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