How do I track my ticket sales if I send via EventKingdom

When sending EventKingdom Online Post connected to your Eventbrite event, you can monitor your sending on EventKingdom, and since March 2017 ALSO TRACK YOUR TICKET SALES on your EventKingdom recipient list.

There is a new orange SYNCHRONIZE WITH EVENTBRITE button which allows you to import the tickets sales made by the email recipients on your EventKingdom list.

This allows you to manage your recipient groups better, e.g. sending reminders to those, who have yet to purchase tickets or event reminders to those recipients, who have purchased tickets.


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    While syncing with EventBrite, since the "NO" option to reply via EventKingdom was removed.  How do I mark somebody as "not attending"?  The "Edit Reply" option is not on my recipient list.

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