How do I setup online registration for my paper invitations

You can use our online registration tool without ordering paper cards at

Please book the PROFESSIONAL PLAN which allows you to make your event public.


To make your event public please go to the REPY PAGE of your event and click on EVENT ACCESS in the left side panel.

EVENT ACCESS opens up.

Please check the "Public access" check box which will then display 2 buttons: GET LINK and GET EMAIL.

The button needed for Online Registrations for paper invitations is GET LINK.

You can use this link in any way suitable to you, e.g.:

printing it on your invitations or forwarding to it from a domain you have purchased, e.g.

You can then print your own domain on to your paper invitations.

Your guests can then visit this domain to visit your online invitation and reply.


You can also create a QR code and link directly to your event domain.



You can secure your online registration by using our Registration Code Service.

Our system creates a Registration Code for each guest.

When your guests visit your online invitation, they will need to login with their registration code.


When you book the Registration Code Service you also get a personalized registration URL for each guest.

You can use this URL to create personal QR codes, so your guests do not have to type in on the evnet URL and their registration code. By scanning the personal QR Code they can reply much more easily.

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