Can I add recipients by uploading an excel file?

Yes, this is what most customers do.

Please go to ADD RECIPIENT - ALL OPTIONS in the top left corner of your recipients list.

You will find the option "UPLOAD EXCEL FILE" in the drop down.

Please click this option.

A popup will appear showing you 2 example images - displaying 2 options how to prepare your excel file:

Option 1: Title / First name / Last name / email / etc.

e.g. Mr / John / Smith / / etc.

Option 2: Full addressing on envelope / Full addressing on card / Email

e.g. Mr John Smith / John / / etc.

This option is used if you wish to address your recipients on your cards differently than on the envelope. (Often used for Business invitations, Weddings or other special occasions)

This option can be added to each card in the tab DESIGN of your event. 


Independent of your file, when uploading, you can match each column of your file with the header needed in the upload window.

Here the example image:



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