What features are connected to the EventKingdom reply options?

The EventKingdom reply options offer RSVP features and more.

You can edit the text inside the reply options WILL ATTEND and WILL NOT ATTEND as needed, e.g. if you are tracking survey information.

You can choose to remove the 2nd reply option so you only have 1 reply button.

You can set here if all your recipients/visitors can bring an accompany. (On the Recipient list you have more accompany options, where you can allow multiple accompanies per recipient)

You can set that your recipients can edit the name on the reply page, e.g. if it is not up to date, or mispelled.

You can set that your recipients/visitors, who accepted your invitation, will receive a confirmation email. You can add text to your confirmation email and also include a PDF attachment for printing.

You can set a guest limit, which marks the capacity of your inviation.

The EventKingdom reply options include all recipient monitoring and guest management features.

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