What features cost extra stamps?

Sendings can be free if you remove the animated envelope and choose a free card.

Free sendings are limited to 100 sendings.

These features cost an extra stamp:


1. Card designs can be for free or cost 3 Stamps. Using an "upload own" design costs 1 stamp.

2. Adding a card costs stamps. The number of stamps depends on the card design added.

3. Adding a logo to your card. (Uploading your complete own design costs only 1 stamp)

4. Using the online envelope

5. Adding personalization by adding the recipient's name to your card(s). (personalization on the envelope is included in the envelope's price)

6. Choosing a designer background costs 1 stamp.

7. Choosing a designer stamp or an upload own stamp costs 1 stamp

8. Adding a logo to a card or envelope costs 1 stamp

9. Choosing a designer lining costs 1 stamp

10. Adding music costs 1 stamp


Adding extra pages to your reply page is free.

11 Adding an additional invitation (reply option) costs 1 stamp (Maximum cost is 3 stamps

12. Adding a cover image to your reply pages

13. Adding a Logo to your reply pages


You can of course use all features or only a few or none.

On average a beautiful sending costs 2 stamps.

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