What does stamps transfer & retrieval to and from connected accounts mean?

Stamps Transfer and Retrieval

Stamps transfer means that you have the right to transfer stamps from your account to other connected accounts.

Stamps retrieval means that you have the rights to retrieve stamps your other connected accounts back to your main account.

This is e.g. helpful if your company only has one billing opportunity. A large number of stamps can be purchased once and then transferred and retrieved to & from other connected accounts accordingly.

Transfer between Connected Accounts

Connected accounts can also transfer stamps to each other. For this please go to the ACCOUNT drop down and click on STAMPST. A Drop down appears with all Stamps packages. At the bottom 


Connected Accounts

Connected accounts means that all accounts must be connected to the Professional or Enterprise Plan.

Connecting accounts is included in each plan. Up to 10 for Professional and unlimited for Enterprise.

As Main Account holder you can see all connected accounts when you go to ACCOUNT / SETTINGS.

Please also go to ACCOUNT / SETTINGS if you wish to add connected accounts.


Here you can setup your eventkingdom subdomain, e.g. yourcompanyname.eventkingdom.com and share this link with anyone, who should register a connected account.

You as Main Account will receive an email to confirm the connected account.

You can also confirm all new connected accounts in ACCOUNT / SETTINGS.


Please contact us if the planned connected account already exists. We can then manually connect the account for you,.


We hope this article was helpful.

Your EK Team



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