What does custom sender email mean?

Custom Sender Email

Custom sender email means that you can use your own company domain, e.g. info@yourcompanydomain.com or even your own email as sender email.

Each account has 1 Standard Sender email.

You can add additional Sender emails by going to ACCOUNT / SETTINGS.

This feature allows you to manage multiple sender emails in one account, so 1 person can manage sendings for multiple sender names and emails.


Option 1: Using your own company email address

If you wish to use your own company email as sender email, please determine two things:


Please choose a subdomain of your company domain, e.g. events.yourcompanydomain.com or ecard.yourcompanydomain.com.

Based on your chose subdomain, we will create DNS Entries, which your IT needs to set.

TIPP: If you plan to use EventKingdom for various occasions, e.g. Invitations, marketing sendings or Birthday cards, we recommend to choose a general subdomain, e.g. events.yourcompanydomain.com. You can of course also book multiple plans and use different subdomain domains for different accounts. A subdomain for a specific account can also be changed later on. A change also means generating new DNS Entries and setting them.


Please let us know what sender email you wish to use for your first setup, e.g. your own email, info@yourcompanydomain.com or any other email you wish.

The Sender email can be changed at any time, e.g. in December to happyholidays@yourcompanydomain.com and in summer to events@yourcompanydomain.com.


If multiple employees plan to use EventKingdom - working in a team - then each employee can have his/her own account and own sender email, e.g. cpitt@yourcompanydomaim.com or mharris@yourcompanydomain.com. Otherwise multiple accounts can also use the same general sender email, e.g. events@yourcompanydomain.com

Option 2: Using a new domain as sender email address

Setting the DNS Entries for you to use your own company email address can be beneficial to your sending results. Your company domain and email address have a very good reputation your sendings can benefit from.

If setting the DNS Entries does prove to be problematic we can gladly optimize your account(s) by creating a new domain, e.g. yourcompanydomain-events.com which can be used as sender email, e.g. info@yourcompanydomain-events.com. In this case we can take care of the setup and your IT does not need to be involved.


We hope that this article was helpful.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Your EK Team




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