What does White Labeling Custom URLs mean?

White Labeling Custom URLs means that you can use online post by EventKingdom with your own URL, e.g.

1. a subdomain of your own domain, e.g. events.yourdomain.com or

2. a new domain, which we can create for you, e.g. www.yourcompanynameevents.com.

If you choose 1, then your admin/IT needs to make some simple adjustments.

If you choose 2, then we can take care of everything and your admin/IT does not need to make any adjustments.


When recipients click on the envelope in the online post email, they are taken to this URL and not to www.eventkingdom.com.

The customized URL can also be used for the sender email e.g. events@events.yourdomain.com or events@yourdomainevents.com.

When recipients receive your online post email they will see this email as the sender email and not "eventkingdom@eventkingdom.com".



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