Can I place links on cards?

Every card is part of your recipient view and can link to the reply page (if the last card).

Therefore, placing links inside the text on cards is not possible.

You can though use the REPLY PAGE to place links, either in the comment box options or by creating an external button. (This option can be found on the REPLY PAGE in the "Reply Options" section.)

You can also place links in the comment box when sending your online post, which are displayed at the top of the email.


As a special service feature - we CAN though change the link of the full card, so it does not link to the REPLY PAGE, but where you wish for it to go, e.g. a very complex registration page, a video page etc.

This service is called:

"Video or other external link integration"

and can be found on our SERVICE PAGE.


We can also fully remove the REPLY PAGE. This can be done per event within the Professional plan or as of 3000 Stamps.


Hope this article was helpful.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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