Where can I edit Sender name and Email subject?

The standard Sender name is taken from the Reply page, where you can set:

Host name:


Event name:

The standard email subject is taken from the above event name.


If you send Test emails using the PREVIEW option on the tabs DESIGN and REPLY PAGE, then this standard sender name and email subject are taken.

When sending from the tab RECIPIENTS - You can edit the Sender name and Email subject for each sending you make.

Before sending we show a sending confirmation window, where this info is editable.

The sender name and email subject used last are always saved for the next sending, but can be edited again.

This can be helpful e.g. if you have different groups of recipients for different sender names, e.g. agencies or directors. You can use "tags" to filter your list, e.g. by Director A and then use the name of Director A as the sender name etc.


Hope this article was helpful.

Please contact us if you have any questions.


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