Image size dimensions for all online formats?

We support 4 formats for online post sendings, which are described in the upload window and also include templates, which can be downloaded:

Optimal size dimensions:

Optimal size Wide (online only): 605 × 513 pixel
Template: Wide
Optimal size High (online only): 605 × 643 pixel
Template: High
Optimal size Landscape (online & paper): 618 × 437 pixel
Template: Landscape
Optimal size Portrait (online & paper): 437 × 618 pixel
Template: Portrait
This list can be found in the upload window for an own design:
To get to this upload window:
1. Go to the startpage of (by e.g. clicking the logo top middle) and then on UPLOAD OWN in the top left corner.
2. Go to the DESIGN tab of your event and click on CARDS in the left side admin section, then on DESIGN and then on UPLOAD OWN DESIGN.


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