How can I add an animated GIF to my card(s)

Please go to the tab DESIGN of your event.

Please go to the card where you wish to add your ANIMATED GIF.

Please click on your card to open the left side admin panel.

Please go to the IMAGE tab in the CARDS section on the left side.

Use the ADD LOGO/IMAGE option to upload your ANIMATED GIF.


A window opens and you can either search your computer or use your Media Library if you have already uploaded your ANIMATED GIF.


Your image appears immediately on your card.

Depending on the size of your Image you can DRAG it (top left) and resize it (bottom right) to your needs.


You see in this example above that the GIF is large and needs to be dragged and resized.

Here is my card the way I want to have it. (e.g. including the "name of recipient" option to personalize each sending)


When you now PREVIEW your card or send yourself a test sending, you will see that the ANIMATED GIF is animated on the card.

You can upload ANIMATED GIFs which are exactly the size of our Card Formats, so the card displays only your GIF


You can combine an ANIMATED GIF - like in the example above - with other features, like "Name of Recipients" for personalization, or using our beautiful designs or combining with your logo and other photos and text.


We recommend using an Envelope when integrating Animated GIFs. If you e.g. place your animated GIF on your FIRST CARD and remove the Envelope, the first card will be displayed in your email sending. The animated GIF will not animate in the email.


We hope this article was helpful.


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