What if I wish to send multiple personal invitations to the same email address?

Our system is specialized in personal online invitations.

Each recipient therefore needs to have an own email address.

This is also helpful to keep your lists clean of duplicate emails - which also helps to prevent unintentional spam.

Still, sometimes you might only have 1 "info@....com" email address and wish to invite 2 or 3 people with it.

Our recommendations:

1. Using "+1, +2, +3" etc. to send the additional personal invitations

- You can add your first recipient with the legitimate info@....com email address

- You can then add the second recipient with info+1@...com email address

- You can add the third with info+2@...com etc.

This works for most email addresses, but not for all.

- If our system shows you an error for these additional emails, then it didn't work.

- IN THIS CASE - you can use the "SEND TO YOURSELF" option.

- You can find the SEND TO YOURSELF option in each recipient row in the GREY DROPDOWN next to the Guests Column.

- You send the personal invitation for each recipient to yourself and then forward it via your computer.

- Send to yourself is free - after making a first correct sending.

2. Writing to the info@...com email address and finding out the personal email addresses of the recipients you wish to send to.

3. Using the OPEN EVENT function offered in the PROFESSIONAL PLAN

- The OPEN EVENT option allows you to send yourself an unpersonal email, which you can  FORWARD to your info@...com email.

- You can add text to this email that A, B and C recipients are invited.

- They can then visit your event and register with Name and Email.

PLEASE NOTE: The OPEN EVENT has NO LIMIT to the number of guests registering. You can of course though add this info to your email.


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