Can I use EventKingdom Check In QR Codes with my own Check In and Badge Printing system?

Using EventKingdom Check-In QR CODES with a different system

Yes, this is possible.

You import the EventKingdom QR Code records into your own system and create tickets in the background - based on the EventKingdom QR Code IDs. Then the EventKingdom QR codes can be scanned on your check-in or badge printers and pull the corresponding participant data for the check-in or badge.


1. When creating your event, activate the option "Reply confirmation email" and also "QR Codes" on the REPLY PAGE tab.

2. Every guest who accepts the invitation to your event will receive a confirmation email with a QR code. (The email can also include a wallet pass or a PDF file with the QR code.)

3. Each guest can then appear at your event with his/her QR code.

4. In order for our QR CODES to work with your own system, you must take the following steps:

5. On the RECIPIENT tab of your EventKingdom event, you will find the EXPORT button in the top right corner. You can export your recipient list including the personal QR code links.

6. As described above, you import these data records (personal QR Code Links) into your own system and create the tickets in the background.

7. When a guest appears at your event with his QR code, the QR code can be easily scanned with your own system - checking in the guest and/or printing a badge.


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